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D0891 Contribute to OHS hazard control (BSBOHS304B)
WA Unit NumberD0891
Unit TitleContribute to OHS hazard control
National Unit NumberBSBOHS304B
 -About this Unit
This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to contribute to controlling occupational health and safety (OHS) hazards in the workplace in order to maintain a healthy and safe workplace. It includes determining relevant legislation and contributing to any actions to ensure compliance with OHS legislation, codes and standards.No licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of endorsement.
Unit Hours30
This unit has no pre-requisites
 -Elements Of Competency/Learning Outcomes
1 - 1. Contribute to the development of OHS hazard control options
1. 1.1. Apply knowledge of OHS legislation, codes of practice, standards, regulations and workplace policies and procedures to contribute to the development of hazard controls
2. 1.2. Apply principles of the hierarchy of control to identified hazards
3. 1.3. Initiate the use of OHS specialists and technical advisors, where required, to assist in hazard identification and development of hazard controls for areas outside own expertise
2 - 2. Contribute to the selection of hazard control options
1. 2.1. Determine the selection of hazard controls with relevant others
2. 2.2. Determine the prioritisation of hazard controls with relevant others
3. 2.3. Provide opportunities for employees to become involved in hazard control options
4. 2.4. Identify and report factors impeding successful implementation of selected hazard controls
5. 2.5. Provide information about selected hazard controls to stakeholders
3 - 3. Contribute to the implementation of hazard controls
1. 3.1. Contribute to obtaining resources required to implement selected hazard controls
2. 3.2. Contribute to the development and documentation of actions required to implement hazard controls
3. 3.3. Communicate with stakeholders affected by hazard controls in a timely and clear manner