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D0971 Analyse and present research information (BSBRES401A)
WA Unit NumberD0971
Unit TitleAnalyse and present research information
National Unit NumberBSBRES401A
 -About this Unit
This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to gather, organise and present workplace information using available systems.No licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of endorsement.
Unit Hours40
This unit has no pre-requisites
 -Elements Of Competency/Learning Outcomes
1 - 1. Gather and organise information
1. 1.1. Gather and organise information in a format suitable for analysis, interpretation and dissemination in accordance with organisational requirements
2. 1.2. Access information held by the organisation ensuring accuracy and relevance in line with established organisational requirements
3. 1.3. Ensure that methods of collecting information are reliable and make efficient use of resources in accordance with organisational requirements
4. 1.4. Identify research requirements for combining online research with non-electronic sources of information
5. 1.5. Use business technology to access, organise and monitor information in accordance with organisational requirements
6. 1.6. Update, modify, maintain and store information, in accordance with organisational requirements
2 - 2. Research and analyse information
1. 2.1. Clearly define objectives of research ensuring consistency with organisational requirements
2. 2.2. Ensure that data and research strategies used are valid and relevant to the requirements of the research and make efficient use of available resources
3. 2.3. Identify key words and phrases for use as part of any online search strategy, including the use of Boolean operators and other search tools
4. 2.4. Use reliable methods of data analysis that are suitable to research purposes
5. 2.5. Ensure that assumptions and conclusions used in analyses are clear, justified, supported by evidence and consistent with research and business objectives
3 - 3. Present information
1. 3.1. Present recommendations and issues in an appropriate format, style and structure using suitable business technology
2. 3.2. Structure and format reports in a clear manner that conforms to organisational requirements
3. 3.3. Report and distribute research findings in accordance with organisational requirements
4. 3.4. Obtain feedback and comments on suitability and sufficiency of findings in accordance with organisational requirements